About The Corporate Cook

Hi! I’m Audrey-

An early 30’s, Jersey City dwelling, Queens raised, member of Corporate America. Finding time to cook can be quite challenging when juggling a full time job, an exercise regime (3-4 times a week,) a sometimes packed social calendar, and just enough time to relax and sleep! That’s why every recipe that I make has to be quick (less than 1 hour, especially on weekdays,) healthy, inexpensive, and good for leftovers.  

I am by no means a seasoned chef. I just started cooking earlier this year when I got too bored of my usual chicken breast with brown rice and vegetables that I had been eating for years. So I started exploring actual recipes for dishes that I love and wanted to recreate with my own spin to make healthier and easier. The recipes are definitely not super scientific- more like guidelines that can be easily modified for your personal preferences.

All of my photos are taken on my iPhone 10.

I hope all of you corporate workers (or just busy people in general,) can find time to try some of these recipes as well! 


Instagram: thecorporatecookbook