About The Corporate Cook

Hi! I’m Audrey-

A late 20’s, Manhattan dwelling, Queens raised, member of Corporate America. Finding time to cook can be quite challenging when juggling a full time job, an exercise regime (3-4 times a week,) a sometimes packed social calendar, and just enough time to relax and sleep! That’s why every recipe that I make has to be quick (less than 1 hour, especially on weekdays,) healthy, inexpensive, and good for leftovers.  

I am by no means a seasoned chef. I just started cooking earlier this year when I got too bored of my usual chicken breast with brown rice and vegetables that I had been eating for years. So I started exploring actual recipes for dishes that I love and wanted to recreate with my own spin to make healthier and easier. I am fairly health conscious, so I like to ensure that all of my meals are balanced in terms of protein, vegetables, carbohydrates, and some fun fats because life is short. The recipes are definitely not super scientific- more like guidelines that can be easily modified for your personal preferences.

All of my photos are taken on my iPhone 10.

I hope all of you corporate workers (or just busy people in general,) can find time to try some of these recipes as well! 


Instagram: thecorporatecookbook