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Simple Marinated Swordfish

About This Recipe: I was thrilled when I saw that Trader Joe’s started carrying fresh swordfish steaks, and I knew that I wanted to throw them on the grill. I absolutely love swordfish because of it’s thick, meaty texture, and how “non fishy” it is. I think swordfish doesn’t need much more than a simple … More Simple Marinated Swordfish

Sichuan Dry Fried String Beans

About This Recipe: This Sichuan dry fried string beans recipe is one of my favorite Chinese dishes. I recently ordered it at my local Chinese restaurant in Queens, and immediately gathered all of the ingredients to make it myself this week. It requires a pretty short list of ingredients, and comes together in only 20 … More Sichuan Dry Fried String Beans

Miso Roasted Eggplant

About This Recipe: One of my favorite appetizers at Japanese restaurants is miso roasted eggplant. It’s super savory, soft in texture, and topped with tons of scallions and sesame seeds. All I need with this eggplant is a huge bowl of jasmine rice, and maybe some Ito En tea to wash it all down with … More Miso Roasted Eggplant

Pasta & Peas Sauce

About This Recipe: I know this can be controversial, but I LOVE peas and think that they deserve to be the stars for once. This super simple pea “pesto” sauce is the perfect recipe for my fellow pea lovers. Not only is this pasta sauce easy as can be, but it is super light and … More Pasta & Peas Sauce

Bean & Barley Salad

About This Recipe: This recipe is a straight up copycat of an amazing bean and barley salad that I had from Costco over Memorial Day Weekend. I absolutely love barley and think it is such an underrated grain, and I never had navy beans prior to this salad. This vegan salad is super filling, colorful, … More Bean & Barley Salad

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Hi! I’m Audrey- an unseasoned chef with an appetite for good food, photography, and blogging! I get inspired by all of the diversity surrounding me in NYC, and my many travels abroad. I work in the corporate retail industry, am a cardio junkie, and use cooking as my therapy. Read more about me…

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