Vegan Minestrone Soup

About This Recipe: Minestrone soup is the perfect thing to make a huge batch of when you’re feeling under the weather, or want to feel warm and cozy. Even though it is vegan, it is very hearty, flavorful, and filling. The ingredient list may look long, but they are hopefully all things that you already … More Vegan Minestrone Soup

Vegan Stuffed Peppers

About This Recipe: Stuffed peppers are super fun to make at home because there are endless variations that you can play with. I have had them in a number of ways- Tex Mex style with ground turkey and beans, Italian style with sausage and mozzarella, but this vegan variation is probably my favorite. Because I … More Vegan Stuffed Peppers

French Potato Salad

About This Recipe: Summertime BBQs are not complete without a side of good old potato salad. Classic American potato salad is of course delicious, but if you want something that is lighter, dairy free, and can last for hours without refrigeration, this French potato salad is the best alternative. The dressing is super flavorful, tangy, … More French Potato Salad

Scallion Pancakes

About This Recipe: I absolutely love scallions (and carbs,) so scallion pancakes are one of my favorite Chinese appetizers. They come in different varieties- some are more doughy and soft, and others are super thin and crispy. I make mine in the middle- the pancakes have a crispy exterior, but are still soft and pillowy … More Scallion Pancakes

Chili Lime Baked Tofu

About This Recipe: Netflix’s latest buzz worthy documentary called “Game Changers,” has everyone talking about the pros of veganism. Although I think that the documentary was a bit harsh on all animal products, it definitely made me want to incorporate some more vegan dishes into my rotation. I am usually not the biggest fan of … More Chili Lime Baked Tofu

Vegan Mushroom Tacos

About This Recipe: A few months ago I went to a great vegan Mexican restaurant called Bar Verde located in the East Village. It is a lovely, slightly upscale spot that has a lot of creative and delicious vegan recipes. I ordered these mushroom carnitas tacos, and was surprised at how satisfying they were since … More Vegan Mushroom Tacos