Spaghetti Carbonara

About This Recipe: I recently had spaghetti carbonara for the first time in the Catskills last weekend, and knew that I wanted to recreate it at home. The sauce was so simple and delicious, and did not make me miss tomato based sauces (even though I still prefer red vs white sauces.) What I love … More Spaghetti Carbonara

Italian Pasta Salad

About This Recipe: Every 4th of July BBQ needs a good side pasta salad, and this Italian pasta salad is a definite crowd pleaser. The hardest thing about this recipe is just chopping all of the ingredients, and I took a shortcut and used pre-made Italian dressing. You can also easily make your own dressing … More Italian Pasta Salad

Pork with Apples

About This Recipe: One of my favorite pork dishes (aside from a deep fried breaded pork cutlet,) is pork with apples and brussel sprouts. This is a dish that I make every Fall to get into the festive spirit and use seasonal ingredients. I love the sweetness of the apples with the savoriness of the … More Pork with Apples

Lomo Saltado

About This Recipe: One of my favorite eateries in Forest Hills is this little Peruvian restaurant called Pollo Inka. Pretty much every neighborhood in Queens has it’s own version of Pollo Inka that specializes in rotisserie chicken with amazing sides such as tostones and yuca fries, and some delicious Peruvian entrees. My go to order … More Lomo Saltado

Tuscan Kale Stew

About This Recipe: For anyone who has visited America’s beloved Olive Garden, you have hopefully had their soup/salad/breadstick combo. They have an amazing Tuscan soup with some of my favorite ingredients (kale, sausage, potatoes,) in a super rich and creamy broth. I’m not sure how authentically Tuscan this soup is, but I know that it … More Tuscan Kale Stew

Sweet and Sour Pork

About This Recipe: Sweet and sour pork was a big childhood favorite for me, and it’s something that I still crave as an adult. What’s not to love? Thick chunks of pork heavily coated in flour, deep fried, and then submerged in a super thick and sweet red sauce. I definitely don’t have the capacity … More Sweet and Sour Pork