Chicken Paprikash

About This Recipe: As an NYU student, Veselka was the place to go to after a late night of youthful revelry. Vesekla is a 24 hour Ukranian restaurant in the East Village that is known for its amazing pierogies and other Eastern European grub. The cheese and potato pierogies are dream worthy, but I wanted … More Chicken Paprikash

Arroz con Pollo

About This Recipe: There is an amazing Peruvian restaurant in Long Island City called Jora that I used to love getting dinner at when I lived in Queens. My favorite main dish to get there by far was the arroz con pollo (with a mango pisco sour to wash it down with.) I’m not sure … More Arroz con Pollo

Greek Orzo Salad

On a nice, sunny day, a colorful and light pasta salad is what I crave the most for lunch. Of course the classic macaroni salad is nostalgic of childhood summers, but all of the mayonnaise and sugar make it hard to justify as a meal. This Greek orzo salad is the perfect healthy pasta salad … More Greek Orzo Salad

Chicken Teriyaki

About This Recipe: Chicken teriyaki is such a simple, yet crave worthy meal to have. I love ordering it at Japanese restaurants, but whenever I use the bottled teriyaki sauce at home it’s never the same. The ones that I’ve tried have a super viscous, almost gloopy consistency, and have ingredients such as ginger, garlic, … More Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken Schnitzel

About This Recipe: A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to visit Germany with my mom. We went to Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin, and had so many delicious, hearty dishes along the way. One of my absolute favorite German meals was schnitzel and fries. Even though schnitzel is traditionally made with veal (which I … More Chicken Schnitzel

Fried Rice

About This Recipe: Towards the end of the week, I found myself with a lot of random little leftovers. Growing up in a Chinese household, fried rice was the go to meal to make with any leftover rice and miscellaneous scraps. It is the ultimate Chinese comfort food that I often crave. And even though … More Fried Rice