Kimchi Fried Rice

About This Recipe:

If you have leftover rice and need a quick weekday lunch, kimchi fried rice is the way to go. There are a number of different brands that I can find online or at my local Asian supermarket, but I prefer the Kim Chee Pride brand. Depending on how strong of a kimchi flavor you want, you can adjust the amount of kimchi and kimchi liquid. I opted to add shitake mushrooms to keep this recipe vegetarian, but it would also be great with tofu, chicken, or on its own. However, I definitely think that the fried egg on top is a must!


Ingredients (4 servings)
-8 oz shitake mushrooms, sliced
-4 scallions, sliced
-4 garlic cloves, minced
-1 cup kimchi, roughly chopped
-4 cups cooked basmati rice (1-2 days old is best)
-1/4 cup kimchi liquid
-3 tbls soy sauce
-4 eggs
-Black sesame seeds, for garnishing
-Vegetable oil

Instructions (25 minutes) 
1. In a large skillet over medium high heat, add in one tbl of vegetable oil and sauté the mushrooms for 5 minutes. Transfer to a dish.
2. Pour in another tbl of vegetable oil and cook the scallions for 2 minutes. Then stir in the garlic and brown for another minute.
3. Mix in the chopped kimchi and cooked rice, and fully heat through. Stir in the kimchi liquid and soy sauce.
4. In small pan, cook the eggs sunny side up (or to your liking.) Top a serving of the rice with an egg and sprinkle with the sesame seeds.

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